BIM Virtual Assistant

The most advanced voice-controlled 3D model assistant


The Virtual World

Facilitate working with 3D models by using our virtual assistant to increase your productivity.

Helpful Assistant

Use our assistant to upload, view, and modify your 3D models.

Model Management

Manage your models using buckets and explore your models in 3D spaces.

Voice Superpowers

Query your models' properties and do more by using your voice or our convenient chat feature.

Meet the Product Owner


It's easy! If you haven't created an account yet, go to our sign up page and make an account. After that, simply create a new project, upload your 3D models, and start using our assistant!

Proudly developed from the ground up with Nuxt.js and Vue.js, the BIM assistant uploads your 3D models to a secure bucket in Autodesk so you can access your projects from anywhere.

Simply sign in to your account to access all of your projects.

During development, the assistant will be free to use. Since it's still under construction things may change or break frequently. Rest assured, once the BIM assistant has been (mostly) developed, we will share more information with you.

Under construction.

Thanks for using the BIM assistant!